Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Loving Europe!

Well I decided to change my blog, so that I can share some of my adventures in Europe, just in case anyone is interested or cares!

Well let me start off by saying that Germany is BEAUTIFUL, if you ever have been here or get the chance to, you so should, it is well worth it.
It is definitely different then the states, but its definitely exciting, and each day comes with a new adventure. Ive always wanted to travel to Europe, and I've had that opportunity when I went to England when I was little, and when I went to Slovenia a few years ago...but I never ever thought that I would move to Europe, I just thought that it would be a place to visit...but now I find myself living here, how crazy is that!

Its funny how you "think" your life will go but then you have to remember that ONLY God holds your future, and I would rather have Him hold my future then it go the way I would "want" it to.

Anyways its crazy that I just moved all the way over here, leaving my family, my friends, my church, my kids that I work for...but even though that was extremely hard on me, I know that God has a big adventure for me here, and I'm excited to see what that adventure is!

It's very interesting here, I being a picky eater have had to as I've been told by family members... "Put my big girl panties on" And I have definitely done that, I have tried lots of new foods and done new things here! being partly nervous while doing that, I feel that I have done very well on trying new things!

*First off trying new sauces on my Schnitzel was a baby step, to trying new things!
*Second eating a slice of tomato, no not a big slice, but still a slice...we cant expect big things from me only a few weeks in!
*Riding a roller coaster was an adventure...and an adventure that I truly love and will continue to do, when given the opportunity!
* I was able to accomplish something off by bucket list, thanks to the help of a new friend here, I was able to ride a train, and did I love it!
*Also I've done other things, but right now cant think of them.

It definitely is interesting and different here, but I'm learning to adapt to it, they do things different then what I was use to, but different is good! You learn to get use to some public bathrooms not having a toilet seat, but being motion censored, so that it flushes and water sprays all over, and it startles you and you partly fall over..haha...Life can be crazy, but exciting!

So that's just a little snapshot of whats been going on lately in my life, since I moved over here!
I will continue to post about different experiences and moments that I have over here, just in case you want to follow what is going on!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more interesting adventures that happen in Europe!


Miss Melanie!