Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kids say the cutest things!

It' very entertaining to hear what comes out of small children's mouths, some good, some funny and sadly some not good things, that's why we always have to watch what we say. Anyways that brings me to the topic of what was said the other day at work. At my day care it is all boys except for the newborn baby, so the following conversation was what was said between me and one of the 3 year old little boys!

So two days ago i was sitting in the classroom building a tower with another kid, and across the room i heard this:

Boy: Yells "BABY JESUS!"
Me: Looking up confused and surprised "What?"
Boy: Yells "BABY JESUS!"
Me: At this point wondering if he is saying that because he has heard it said in the tone before "What is wrong?"
Boy:  With such excitement and passion "BABY JESUS...I FOUND HIM!!"
Me: Smiling at this point, and partially laughing "Really?"
Boy: Still excited and with passion "YES, i found baby Jesus...He was lost and NOW He is found!"
Me: Smiling and still partially laughing "Wow i am so glad that you have found baby Jesus!"
Boy: With enthusiasm "I'm glad that i found baby Jesus!"
Me: Smiling and laughing "Good job!"

So the reason this conversation happened, is because while i was building a tower with one kid, the little boy had gone over and found the nativity seen in the corner and had pulled it out to play with.

It's just so funny what kids say and how their little minds think!! I never go a day without laughing at the things that my kids say to me! I love my kids and I pray that everyone finds Jesus!


Nanny Melanie!